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My mission

"is to help as many people as I can, to find more ongoing happiness in their lives and to empower them to achieve their goals".

Previously a business consultant with an analytical mind, I have always been interested in spirituality and am fascinated by people and how they think and behave. I qualified in Reiki Practitioner Level II and began a deeper journey into self-development and spiritual awareness, by completing Master Practitioner & Teacher Degrees, for both Animal Reiki and Reiki.

My business consultancy work was starting to incorporate life and positive mindset coaching, as people realised that issues in their personal lives such as negative mindset, low confidence, procrastination and lack of motivation, were affecting the growth of their business - they wanted to transform their personal AND business lives! 

I achieved a Happiness Life Coaching qualification, as I wanted to help people have happier lives! I also wanted to incorporate the benefits of healing and energy alignment into working with my clients and trained in additional therapies, including Colour Therapy, Stress Management and Professional Relaxation as well as Psychotherapy & Counselling. Also a qualified NLP Practitioner, I am working towards my NLP Master Practitioner during 2019.  I have Professional Membership with The ANLP (The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and am also a member of The SWA (Spiritual Workers Association).

I personally practice working with gratitude, the Law of Attraction and visualisation techniques and both myself and my clients have seen huge benefits with these. I use positive mindset work in my daily routine (together with yoga, when possible!) I love to attend personal development events and am always learning! 

I want to help you to be the BEST YOU... in your personal and business life...
Clients benefit from using NLP techniques to improve their mindset and motivation and to help them reach short and long-term goals. I also focus on accountability to help you maintain the results from your coaching sessions, both in session and in set homework. 

Better relationships is also a common reason to use NLP, as it is a way of changing someone's thoughts and behaviours to help achieve their desired outcomes. In NLP we also look at the way you communicate - what you think, what you say and what you hear - to help you change your relationships with yourself and those around you, both on a personal and professional level. This results in greater feelings of happiness, confidence and self-worth, as well as harmony, as you create closer relationships all-round you - and within yourself.

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Many like to blend the practical side of coaching and NLP with the emotional and spiritual side of working on themselves, to realise the transformational benefits of energy work in their lives, and wish to deepen their knowledge of these areas. We can also incorporate and work with the Law of Attraction and Energy Alignment, for those clients who are spiritually inclined.  
I feel drawn on occasion, to using intuition in the sessions with my business consultancy and life coaching clients, to great benefit - they love that I intuitively know their blocks and how best to help them overcome these. I also close sessions with an Oracle card reading (if required), as these usually confirm what we have discussed in session and/or give further guidance.

Join my Facebook Group: Happiness Coaching & Life Alignment You can also join my Group, “The Happiness Club” on Meetup for regular Meetups in the Chelmsford area, helping people get happier lives.