Is turning 50 the “wake-up” call to finding happiness?

Can you imagine feeling that you are finally in the “right” life as you turn 50? Have you spent years wondering if there is ever going to be more to your life? What it would feel like? What would you do each day? What you would be moving towards… What would it take for you to finally start living the life you really want?

As a “Happiness” Life Coach I’m all about helping people to find their optimum happiness and giving them the tools to maintain a higher level of happiness than before. We look at what makes them happy (often they don’t actually know anymore, as they have lost sight of happiness and loving themselves) and I empower them to have the confidence and accountability, to go out and make it happen. Often people come to me and say they are unhappy as they feel that they “can’t change anything” but passing 50 has stirred something within and they want to “do” something about it, but they don’t know what. Or they are determined to find happiness now, as they see being 50 as a turning point and a signal that they need to be happier, whilst they can. Or they are fed up of feeling fed up. “Fed up at 50” seems to be another term I hear a lot!

Why does turning 50 still strike fear into our hearts?
Over the last few months I’ve happened to meet quite a few men and women who mentioned they were 49 and they all had one thing in common – they were changing their life. Some were planning a new career and moving away from their 9-5 (or more accurately, their 9-9 – partly why they were leaving it!), some were retraining and adding new skills to their CV for a part-time income in their later years, another was downsizing to release more income and have more money for fun pursuits, another was going self-employed and others were re-arranging their lives, to spend more time supporting a widowed parent and another to help with palliative care. Improving their stress levels, exercise and diet was also another common decision.

Along with changing their lives, they all had another thing in common – they felt a pressing need to make changes before they turned 50. They felt time was running out, they wanted to see a secure path ahead and to make the most of the time they had left, because, well, you don’t know what’s round the corner. And they knew someone who had suddenly got seriously ill and it has severely lessened their quality of life, or sadly, they had even passed suddenly. The impetus is on to “make the most of your time”.

There is also a fear of missing out – looking back on your life and realising you hadn’t fulfilled any dreams, you don’t have the financial status of family and friends, you haven’t travelled enough, you didn’t set up your dream business and so on… this spurs people on to make change and JUST DO IT!

If NOW is the time for YOU to feel happier about your life but you are not sure what or how and maybe need some confidence to make changes and move forward to a life that you love then contact me. I’d love to help you make your life happier so you feel better in it. Don't waste any more time, feeling there's more to your life - a life you love is yours to have, you just need to reach out for it...