Getting more “happy” - with The Happiness Club

Getting more “happy” - with The Happiness Club

This 4 week program is for people who want to increase their daily happiness quota and maintain this going forward. Helping you discover what makes you happy and giving you confidence and motivation to make positive and uplifting changes, so you remain in a happier state, more often and for longer. With a mix of practical exercises to get you in alignment  and focusing on your true desires, you will overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours that have stopped you moving forward so far. 

Course runs from 7.30-9.00pm. Price for the program is £80; payment is required upfront* to reserve your space. Payment options below. 

The "Happiness" Club meets on:

*Early bird payments made in full (by Sunday 30th Sept) will get a FREE Visualisation Journal for use on the course. 

  • Get clear on what makes you happy and what you want in life - you will create and keep a Visualisation Journal, planning your Dream Life!

  • Find out what triggers and causes you stress and unhappiness - learn how to overcome these incidents and lessen the negative effects

  • Start prioritising YOU and self-care - schedule in "ME" time and commit to it - you can't pour from an empty cup!

  • Tips on overcoming overwhelm, stress and anxiety, plus effective time management tips

  • Understanding your energy and how it affects your life - tips on how to remain positive and "high vibe" more often

  • Plan actionable steps to reach your desires and get accountability at our regular meetings for progress, group support and encouragement!

  • Build confidence in your decisions and set boundaries with those around you

  • Dedicated work on issues surrounding relationships, your career or business, where you want to be in 12 months - you choose what areas to work on

  • We will celebrate your achievements to date and ongoing - how often do you give yourself credit for what you have achieved so far?


  • You can join the program part-way though but you must pay for the rest of the program in full at that time, at a cost of £20 per session - this is all about YOUR commitment to making positive changes and getting more happiness

  • But, if you have to miss a session one week just ask for an email copy of that week's worksheet

  • Payments can be made in 2 upfront installments of £40 each - email for info or click here and choose the installment option

  • Tea/coffee-making facilities included

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