Louise emailed me a few months later…

Having a life coaching session with Jo was an invaluable experience. She intuitively understood the blocks I have in my life and gave me clear, practical solutions to implement. Jo also reassured me that my fears can be overcome and allow me to achieve my full potential.  I left the session with actions I can take now, to allow me to shift my mindset and move forwardwith my life, rather than staying stuck with the deep-rooted issues I have. I am already starting to feel like a weight is starting to lift and allow more positive energy to take its place. Thank you Jo.

… I hope you are well - it's been a while since we spoke. I wanted to get in touch to share with you the end result of the conversation we had in May. Talking to you started me on a journey and I am really happy where I've landed which is so far from where I was 6 months ago! Thank you for your part in this and hope business is going well for you too.)

Sharleen (and her 16 year old)

...we just got back from going to the nature reserve where we have been walking once a day together since Saturday, it's great. She also went to a bbq with friends yestereday and she hasn't been out for months. She's a lot happier within herself since speaking to you. She's doing a lot better and is finishing her exams tomorrow and feels happy.

I also want to thank you for my healing, as I have had countless blessings since so I will also be coming to see you again, thanks so much. 


I had the pleasure of connecting with Jo this morning for a Coaching call. Before my call with Jo, I was really feeling the weight of the career decisions I need to make… by Friday, ya’ll! I had been reviewing the pros and cons of each job all day, every day, and I kept ending up in the same “stuck” position. I’m 100% the type of person to tell myself that I don’t need help because I’m a therapist… I should be able to give myself the same support that I give my clients! However, I was able to see and FEEL the value of Jo’s coaching within minutes of talking to her. By the time we wrapped up our session, I had clarity and confidence in my decisions, and a plan of action for meeting my short term and long term career goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jo!


Thanks Jo for another fantastic session in your Meetup group. I enjoyed these and found them incredibly useful. Your knowledge, insight and guidance encompass a truly wide range of topics and areas and you drill down to provide effective, simple and practical tools to effect change and realise goals. I will definitely be looking for the opportunity to attend again ASAP. Thanks again.