Pricing for Happiness Life Coaching and Therapy Sessions

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Initial Consultation Session: £100 (for 90 mins) Ongoing Sessions: £70 (for 60 mins)

Wedding Confidence (Taster) - £99
A 90 minute session to help you fall in love with planning your wedding

Special offer: “Sort It” Sundays - get 25% off a 1 hour Sunday session - pay just £52.50!


"Small Steps" Package - £200 - for when you need clarity, support and want to feel happier…
3 hours (can be split into 2 or 3 sessions)

Wedding Confidence” (Gold) - £350
5 hours of wedding confidence and coaching sessions, to be taken when you need them, in the run up to your wedding (can be split with your groom)

"Making Changes" Package - £450 - NOW is the time to make positive changes to your life!
6 hours of sessions (to be taken within a 3 month period) and includes an email review session every
3 weeks to track your progress/ask questions

ADD-ONS - for extra support, clarity, motivation and/or accountability

  • Weekly e-mail support during (or after your package) - buy a 4 week block of email support - £75

  • 30 minute distant healing reiki session - £15 (for more about how reiki can help you, visit my website

  • 30 minute distant healing reiki session plus 3 card reading (reading supplied by email) - £25

"Big Change" Transformation Package - £1200 (installment plan available) - this is an intensive program where you will start to see big changes in the way you see, think and feel. Your behaviours will change, you will feel more confident, more alive, happier and fulfilled and there may well be other benefits such as increased abundance, more harmonious relationships, increased self-awareness, improved physical health and mental wellbeing and more…
3 months of weekly one hour sessions (x 12 sessions) plus weekday DAILY motivational email AND weekly accountability updates* 
(This package is especially useful for rapid results across personal and business life, and it can be a mixture of life and business coaching if required). 

For business consultancy/business coaching and accountability packages specifically, please see

Reiki prices (people)

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£45 per session (1 hour) available at my treatment room but please ask about mobile service for CM3 area (travel charge may apply).


Animal reiki

I offer reiki sessions for people or their pets - indeed, often, the pet is reacting to the owner's stress so once the owner feels better, the animal naturally returns to their usual equilibrium.

Animal reiki is helpful for many conditions such as unwanted behaviourial issues, stress, bereavement, pregnancy or transition. £35 per session (up to an hour) only available at the pet's usual environment (travel charges may apply).

I also teach via one day workshops for Reiki and also Animal Reiki - please see my reiki website for more info:  

Reiki distant healing sessions

For those who are short on time or prefer to have a session in the comfort of their own home, a 30 minute distant healing session is perfect for a top-up in between longer or regular sessions.  We choose a suitable time to receive the healing as I do it, or just book your session and call in the healing when it is convenient. Once payment is received you will be emailed to choose your preferred session time and with pre-session advice.

Distant healing and mini 3 card Oracle Reading session (1 hour total)

As above but after the distant healing, I will do a mini 3 card Oracle card reading for you. (You are welcome to come online and talk to me whilst I do this if you wish). You will also receive an email detailing what the Oracle cards have revealed for you, along with my personal insight and intuition too. Choose your card deck from my collection and ask a question - or let my intuition guide me as to what you need to know at that time. Upon payment I will email you to help you prepare for your distant healing and card reading session.