What I can help you with:

 Some areas I help people with (using carefully selected therapies and techniques that are appropriate to you), are:
* insomnia, stress and anxiety * low confidence and low self-esteem * lack of motivation * feeling stuck / wanting clarity * losing negative self-beliefs (removing “I’cant!”) * relationship issues * coping with past traumas * managing overwhelm * positive mindset and motivation * setting and achieving goals * making time for you * mid-life issues * feeling lost and not fitting in / finding calm within * living with chronic pain * coping with loss and bereavement * working in harmony with your body, mind and soul * creating more happiness on an internal and external level / energy alignment * becoming more spiritually aware * finding your life's purpose * business coaching & consultancy * wedding nerves (bride and/or groom) - helping you enjoy the planning and lead-up to your wedding, as well as on the big day too

Learn to use your intuition - trust yourself

Learn to use your intuition - trust yourself

  • Empowering people to be the best they can be, to live fully and to love their life - helping them let go of blocks and limiting self-beliefs, past traumas, and instead, becoming aligned to having a happier life and making it happen!

  • Providing coaching, counselling and energy healing therapy in a safe place where you will be listened to, without judgement, and know it is safe to share your inner thoughts - where you can make sense of what's going on in your mind and soul, feel aligned to your life and to receiving more happiness

  • Guiding you to find the answers, using a mixture of practical tools and alignment of mind, body and soul - I blend the practical with a nod to the spiritual!

  • Helping you become aware of what to do next, what it all means and why - and encouraging you to move forward

  • You may see and feel small shifts or feel inspired with the need to make big changes - but move at your own pace - any shift and movement is progress!

  • Guidance using my spiritual intuition and Oracle card pulls (if client desires)

Happiness Life Coaching

Would you like to have more happiness in your life? Let me show you how...

Would you like to have more happiness in your life? Let me show you how...

  • I work with those who, quite simply, want to be happier and feel better about their life! We look at areas that are not fulfilling and/or are causing distress and discuss ways to improve them, using practical tips and techniques that really work. Combining these with the benefits of talking therapy, energy alignment and healing, with a dash of intuition as needed. 

  • If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward, I can help you untangle the thoughts that constantly whirl around, leaving you confused and frustrated - and often paralysed into inaction. If you are not moving forward towards the life you really want, we will define what lights you up, what your life desires are and set goals to reach these desires.

  • I'm there to keep you in a positive mindset and motivated, with tools to keep you on track and actions that give results, whilst keeping you accountable to maintaining progress and momentum. 

  • During sessions as well as really listening to you, I use NLP techniques, to allow you to break bad habits, overcome addictions, boost confidence, get rid of fears, improve your daily actions, behaviour and interactions with others - and ultimately be the best, happiest you. 

  • You hold the answers - but I will facilitate the unwrapping of these answers from deep within you, creating powerful change and transformation and a release of anything that you no longer need or want.

Feel free, safe, confident, alive and HAPPY!

Feel free, safe, confident, alive and HAPPY!

Your results from working with me: 

  • Feeling more in control, have a clearer vision of goals and outcomes and know that YOU are able to be responsible for improving your own happiness now and in the future.

  • You will learn new positive behaviours, that become positive habits, to enhance your wellbeing. Enjoy a sense of understanding and feel relief, with renewed energy and zest for life, confidence, peace, and of course, more happiness!

  • Move forward confidently to enjoy life more fully, with a greater understanding of what you need to do, and be, to keep these feelings alive within you. More smiles, fun, laughter and more of the things that bring you happiness!

  • Reiki is a useful add-on therapy, to adjust energy levels and accelerate the emotional healing and transformation process … see below for more info...

Reiki and energy healing - for people and pets

Animals will often climb over me to be as close as possible to the reiki!

Animals will often climb over me to be as close as possible to the reiki!

Reiki is a system of natural healing with invisible, gentle energy that works by balancing the energy system, promoting the body’s own natural ability to heal on a physical and mental basis. There are many reasons to have reiki, you don't need to be unwell, as reiki promotes deep relaxation, peace and tranquillity, as well as higher energy levels. Common benefits from a reiki treatment include better sleep, accelerated physical healing, a feeling of peace and calm, able to cope with stress and anxiety more easily as well as relief from aches and pains. 
Price: £45 per session (up to an hour) available at my treatment room but please ask about mobile service.

I offer reiki sessions for people or their pets - indeed, often, the pet is reacting to the owner's stress so once the owner feels better, the animal naturally returns to their usual equilibrium. Animal reiki is helpful for many conditions such as unwanted behaviourial issues, stress, bereavement, pregnancy or transition. 
Price: £40 per session (up to an hour) only available at the pet's usual environment (travel charges may apply).

I also teach via one day workshops for Reiki and also Animal Reiki - please see my reiki website for more info: www.essexreikihealing.co.uk  

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